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Our Values


Client driven

  • We really listen to and understand our clients needs and perspectives
  • We are flexible and adaptable in the way we work
  • We build commitment in our relationships

Continual Learning and Development

  • We seek out feedback in order to learn and develop
  • We constantly look for ways to excel in our standards and grow expertise
  • We focus on what makes a difference - even the little things
  • Our goal is to provide a real return on investment for our clients

Results oriented

  • We partner with others to achieve win-win outcomes
  • We facilitate the success in others
  • We make a difference

Personal responsibility

  • We are proactive
  • We manage expectations and keep promises
  • We meet agreed deadlines


  • We are open and honest in all our relationships whilst remaining sensitive to others needs
  • We strive to create a climate of trust

Creativity and innovation

  • We offer choice in how others resolve problems
  • We challenge mindsets
  • We make learning memorable with a lasting impact

"Vision without Action is but a dream

Action without Vision just passes the time

Vision and Action can change the world"

Nelson Mandela


Leading the team at Emotional Intelligence Ireland are two of Ireland’s leading Executive, Career and Interview Coaches, Maureen Hewitt & Jane Downes. They combine specialized skills in Interview and Recruitment Coaching techniques and Executive & Strengths Coaching. They have qualifications in Executive and Career Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence. Maureen has over 20 years experience and knowledge of business and leadership and Jane is one of Ireland's leading recruiters and head hunters for senior managment. Maureen and Jane have joined forces to offer Europe a Centre for professional learning and development.

Both Jane and Maureen believe that WHO we are is much more important than WHAT we are. At the end of the day WHO we are serves WHAT we are. Companies and individuals now realise this and can take advantage of the real strengths their organisation has on a person by person basis. We offer you a return on your investment (ROI) along side a return on your emotion (ROE)



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