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Emotional Intelligence Ireland works for YOU and your BUSINESS by:

  • Producing a scientific measure of your current Emotional Intelligence Quotient in report form. This leads on to a personalised plan of action.
  • Identifying specific areas of enrichement to work on
  • Creating a set of SMART Objectives to enable you achieve your targets
  • Generating more optimism in your approach to the future
  • Increasing your ability to deal with stressful situations by identifying strategies for tolerance and impulse control

Some benefits? Greater customer and employee retention, the skills to achieve best practice in team, business and customer relationships. Increasing overall performance and therefore increasing profit.

We offer the full range of skills and tools necessary to assess your requirement, develop your plan and implement the action necessary to create an intelligent future.

We are delighted to be heading up the Assessment and Development Centre for Emotional Intelligence . Nowhere else can you find the complete set of skills and services that will provide you with the knowledge that you need to fulfil your potential both in and out of the work place


Online Assessment

An Online Assessment with telephone feedback is the perfect solution for individuals or groups who want to create a professional development program that is customized for their needs. Our experts provide a full service of consulting and coaching that can target the areas of greatest need and provide specific strategies for increasing levels of achievement.

This unique Assessment is used in many organisations as as indicator for job matching. You need to take the assessment to be one step ahead.

Do you want to know what you are best suited for in the work place?

Do you want to balance out your technical skills with emotional intelligence skills ?

Are you frustrated because you keep being overlooked for promotions?

Are you interested in improving your level of personal development?

Contact us today to take the Assessment ONLINE and then receive feedback either over the phone or face-to-face.

For as little as €210 you can find out what you need to move to the next level.

OPTION 1 - Online Assessment, your own copy of report PLUS 15 minute one to one telephone expert feedback. New Price €210

OPTION 2: Online Assessment, your own copy of report PLUS 45 minute one to one expert feedback and coaching. New Price €275

OPTION 3. Online Assessment, your own copy of report PLUS 2 expert feedback and coaching sessions. One session will concentrate on findings and second session will be on personal development plan for your future. New Price €385



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