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Emotional Intelligence in Business

We know now that Emotional Intelligence in the workplace is essential to the success of the organisation.

Our services are aimed at:

  • Leaders and Managers

  • Employee and Team assessment and development

  • Enhanced performance evaluation and planning

  • Understanding the team talent

  • Star Performers

  • Fulfilling the potential to succeed

Emotional Intelligence Ireland are a team of leaders. They lead the way in Coaching, Training, Personal Develoment, Leadership and Managment training to name a few areas.



Personalised Development Plan

It's not enough to know where you need to improve. SMART goals need to be set and achieved in order to meet your personal targets.

Identifying Emotional Intelligence in others

Learn how to identify the levels of Emotional Intelligence in others by eliciting information using powerful questions.

Patterns: Learn how the concept of patterns can be integrated into the EQ model and become part of the teaching of patterns.

As you grapple with your own schema, you will develop a powerful tool for communicating about the relationship between thinking, feeling, and acting.

Improving Feedback

Most people need far more feedback than they get -- and in radically different ways. If you are committed to supporting other people, you need to know the most effective mechanisms for delivering and hearing feedback.



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