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Coaching & Consultancy

Our team are qualified Executive Coaches and have many years experience in the Corporate, Care and Educational sectors of business. We bring with us this enviable wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with professional best practice.

Emotional Intelligence Ireland works for YOU and your BUSINESS by:

  • Producing a scientific measure of your current Emotional Intelligence Quotient in report form. This leads on to a personalised plan of ACTION
  • Identifying specifice areas of enrichement to work on
  • Creating a set of SMART Objectives to enable you achieve your targets
  • Generating more optimism in your approach to the future
  • Increasing your abiity to deal with stressful situations by identifying strategies for tolerance and impulse control

Some benefits? Greater customer and employee retention, the skills to achieve best practice in team, business and customer relationships. Increasing overall performance and therefore increasing profit.

We offer the full range of skills and tools necessary to assess your requirement, develop your plan and implement the ACTION necessary to create an intelligent future.

As a successful business, we know that drawing on the experience of others can be invaluable. We bring together the experience, knowledge, contacts and resources of established and successful Executive Coaches, Business Owners, Trainers, Mentors, Financial Advisors and many professional organisations and associations.

We are confident of our competence to deliver the highest standard of training, 1:1 coaching and support necessary for your success.

Maureen Hewitt and Jane Downes are the principle coaches and EI assessors at Emotional Intelligence Ireland We have a panel of 12 other associate coaches.

Working with the best

Experience of working with an Amazing client list allows us to offer you a service through best practice gives you the best results !.

If you choose to change you must understand that only you can offer what is on the inside in order to have your life transformed. As you define yourself from within you will begin to live your life in harmony with your deepest values and unique skills and talents. Other people opinions will no longer help or should I say hinder how you shape your external identity.

I assure you several positive things will happen that will enable you to truly know yourself in a deeper way and to expand your knowledge, skill and desire for life. You will become pro-active, where appropriate, take the initiative and act on opportunities in an uninhibited way. You will effectively manage your life in a self-fulfilling manner.

What are you waiting for ?

Contact Irelands leading Executive Coaching Training company, Postiive Success Group if you want to qualify as an accredited coach this year. www.positivesuccessgroup.com Telephone (01) 8325001


Our Philosophy

Our Assessors, Consultants and Coaches are professionals, skilled in analysing Emotional Intelligence performance and giving concise objective feedback.

Our Philosophy is:-

  • It's your agenda.
  • YOU are unique.
  • Taking ACTION is taking control.
  • Learning must be FUN and in a way you learn best.
  • We develop personalised plans based on ACTION
  • Your information is CONFIDENTIAL
  • SUCCESS can be learned

Ever thought of becoming a successful Executive Coach ?.

If you think you have what it takes and want to turn a dream into a reality take a link to Irelands leading company in training Practitioner Executive Coaches - The Positive Success Group. www.positivesuccesssgroup.com



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