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It's YOUR life, it's YOUR job, it's YOUR success.

It's YOUR future SO It's YOUR choice...

When assessing individuals in the workplace we find that they have strengths in areas that are required to their job, however often they have weakness in areas that could help them excel and rise to the top.

The good news is these weaknesses can be developed and improved to give the individual the much needed set of skills to really fulfil their potential.

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Do you want to have the road map for your success?

Use Emotional Intelligence Ireland's services for:-

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employee and Team assessment and development
  • Enhanced performance evaluation and planning
  • Understanding the team talent
  • Star Performers
  • Fulfilling the potential to succeed

Your Career Choice

How Emotional Intelligence can help your career

Must Haves for any job to be successful :

What you need

Like the work
Find it challenging
Get on with the people you work with
Adequate resources to do the job
Work life balance
Fair Pay

What we work on to give you what you need :-

Job suitability
Fulfilling your potential
Interpersonal skills
Problem solving and assertiveness
Stress management and happiness
Self regard and reality testing




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