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It is now known that Emotional Intelligence in the workplace is essential to the success of the organisation.

"The focus is no longer on how to Perform better it is also on how to Transform better

Competition has never been harder - it is not just local, or National, or European - we now compete on a global scale. In order to hold on to our market share we need to transform whilst keeping our balance in the market place. The key to doing this is raising awareness of your individuals strengths and weaknesses. Develop a plan to use the strengths to your advantage whilst learning new skills to improve the weaker areas. This should be continious learning for continious success. " Maureen Hewitt, leading expert on emotional intellignce and leadership coaching..

Our Coaching and Learning Services are aimed at:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employee and Team assessment and
  • Enhanced performance evaluation and planning
  • Understanding the team talent
  • Star Performers - how do you recognise them
  • Fulfilling the potential to succeed
  • Profiling for new hires and graduate programs

Personalised Development Plan

It's not enough to know where you need to improve. SMART goals need to be set and achieved in order to meet your personal targets.

Identifying Emotional Intelligence in others

Learn how to identify the levels of Emotional Intelligence in others by eliciting information using powerful questions.

Patterns: Learn how the concept of patterns can be integrated into the EQ model and become part of the teaching of patterns.

As you grapple with your own schema, you will develop a powerful tool for communicating about the relationship between thinking, feeling, and acting.

Improving Feedback

Most people need far more feedback than they get -- and in radically different ways. If you are committed to supporting other people, you need to know the most effective mechanisms for delivering and hearing feedback.

Next Time Thinking

Learn why this principle of accountability is central to success. Then, when you have experienced why trust is the most crucial ingredient in relationships, learn the keys to increasing trust.

Change Mechanisms

We've all had the experience of wanting to change something in ourselves or supporting someone else to do the same - but what specific mechanisms do you have that work? Do you "will" change to occur or plan for it?


MASTERCLASS and Workshops

"Emotional Intelligence Masterclass" A 2 hour expert session for groups explaining the relevance and importance of Emotional Intelligence in the work place.

"Emotional Intelligence and Your Success" are single or multi-day staff development experiences that will help your managers and leaders have a significant impact on themselves and their staff achievement. Each participant receives a comprehensive report with practical tools and resources they can use straight away. Workshops can be delivered on site or at a location off-site that suits you. We will create an atmosphere that will foster collaboration and idea sharing among your staff.

Our Assessors, Consultants and Coaches are professionals, skilled in analysing Emotional Intelligence performance and giving concise objective feedback.

Our Philosophy is:-

  • It's your agenda.
  • YOU are unique.
  • Taking ACTION is taking control.
  • Learning must be FUN and in a way you learn best.
  • We develop personalised plans based on ACTION
  • Your information is CONFIDENTIAL
  • SUCCESS can be learned



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