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Emotional Intelligence Ireland specialise in tailoring training to suit you. We deliver the package of analysis, evaluation, design, delivery and feedback with the highest standard of professionalism.

Only 1% of your success is down to your IQ , 26% is down to your Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Want to know more about your EQ - check out the following...


Part - time course open to the public - 6 evenings

For individuals, managers, leaders, coaches. who want a better understanding of themselves and how to work and live better with the people and environment they are in. This will improve your levels of success. How can you make decisions about your future without having an understanding of WHO you are. This 6 part course allows you write the operating manual to who you are. It will help you identify your strengths and develop areas that you need to improve on. It will give you insight in to why people behave in the way they do and how to take more control in your life. Your future needs you to be working from the inside-out.

Investment €600 with FREE EI ASSESSMENT and REPORT(worth €125)

Places limited so register immediately to secure place. Email us at eq@eiIreland.com.


"EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Master Class" - 1/2 day - Intensive -

This masterclass has been developed for managment and leaders within your organisation. They need to be aware of WHO they are and WHO they have working with them. They need to have the understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and be able to recognise, support and develop it in the work place. This short sharp Master Class gives them what they need to know, raising their self-awareness so they can transfer the knowledge to their staff and to the business.

Email us at eq@eiIreland.com.


One day intensive for you to immerse yourself in the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence. Learn from the experts who have access to thousands of profiles of successful individuals from around the world. Identify what makes you more employable and more successful. Know what the key areas of your Emotional Intelligence are – what are your strong areas and what areas you need to improve on. Learn to improve your understanding of what makes others succeed where you have not. Don’t just perform, transform in to a more successful, fulfilled person. Made sense of your success

Investment €475 with FREE EI ASSESSMENT and REPORT (worth €125)

“Powering Up Your Future” - 5 Days

Aimed At : Leaders, Managers, HR Managers, Recruitment Personnel, YOU

Cost : €1850

Difference between EQ and IQ

Start by understanding why EQ is the main factor in how successful we are.

Emotional Intelligence Explained

Learn the 5 realms and 15 subscales that make up emotional intelligence. Identify each of their behavioural patterns and consequences

Personal Assessment

Take your personal assessment online and get the feedback that will give clarity on what your strengths really are.

Personalised Development Plan

It's not enough to know where you need to improve. SMART goals need to be set and achieved in order to meet your personal targets.

Identifying Emotional Intelligence in others

Learn how to identify the levels of Emotional Intelligence in others by eliciting information using powerful questions.

Patterns: Learn how the concept of patterns can be integrated into the EQ model and become part of the teaching of patterns.

As you grapple with your own schema, you will develop a powerful tool for communicating about the relationship between thinking, feeling, and acting.

Improving Feedback

Most people need far more feedback than they get -- and in radically different ways. If you are committed to supporting other people, you need to know the most effective mechanisms for delivering and hearing feedback.

Next Time Thinking

Learn why this principle of accountability is central to success. Then, when you have experienced why trust is the most crucial ingredient in relationships, learn the keys to increasing trust.

Change Mechanisms

We've all had the experience of wanting to change something in ourselves or supporting someone else to do the same - but what specific mechanisms do you have that work? Do you "will" change to occur or plan for it?


Working 'inside - out'

"Emotional Intelligence inside-out" are single or multi-day staff development experiences that will help your managers and leaders have a significant impact on themselves and their staff achievement. Each participant receives a comprehensive report with practical tools and resources they can use straight away. Workshops can be delivered on site or at a location off-site that suits you. We will create an atmosphere that will foster collaboration and idea sharing among your staff.

Our Assessors, Consultants and Coaches are professionals, skilled in analysing Emotional Intelligence performance and giving concise objective feedback.

Our Philosophy is:-

  • It's your agenda.
  • YOU are unique.
  • Taking ACTION is taking control.
  • Learning must be FUN and in a way you learn best.
  • We develop personalised plans based on ACTION
  • Your information is CONFIDENTIAL
  • SUCCESS can be learned

Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching

EiIreland recommends Ireland's leading Executive Coaching Training company, Positive Success Group. You can qualify by March 2009 by registering for their Autumn Diploma course. To find out more check out the Positive Success Group - Diploma



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